I sent a correction to 24 Hours

At the beginning of the month, 24 Hours published Surrey bus exchange blocking SFU expansion, an article about how SFU Surrey’s getting a new 5-storey building, and what that means for the Surrey Central bus exchange. I keep an eye on what the City of Surrey’s planning for Surrey City Centre and noticed some errors, so I submitted a correction using their report an error link.

In short, the current bus exchange isn’t blocking SFU’s expansion. The new building will be on the opposite side of University Blvd, southwest of the Surrey Central bus exchange, in what’s currently being used as parking lots. Part of the plans for the new building include rerouting 102A Av to connect with the bus exchange, but this isn’t necessarily a package deal with the building.

Demolishing and reconfiguring the current bus loop certainly isn’t a package deal with SFU’s new building, because there are other projects that need to be completed before the on-street bus exchange plan can be realized. These projects include:

  • Building a north stationhouse for Surrey Central Station. The bus loop reconfiguration is one of the motivations for doing this. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2016 and finish by fall 2017, but it’s August 2016 and construction hasn’t started yet.
  • Completing the 3 Civic Plaza tower. Its construction work is blocking 103A Av, which is the boarding location for the reconfigured bus loop. It’ll probably be complete by fall 2017.
  • Demolishing and relocating the North Surrey Recreation Centre. This opens up a north-south pedestrian connection between the boarding and offloading sides of the reconfigured bus loop. This project seems to be stalled.

The new SFU building is contingent upon federal funding. Eligible projects must be substantially completed by April 2018, so the timelines are already ambitious enough without adding the reconfiguration of Surrey Central bus loop as a condition.

Documents related to the construction of the new SFU building include:

Oh, and 24 Hours neither acknowledged nor acted upon my correction.

Written on August 13, 2016